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Website Design Agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Egenz.com provide services such as Website Design Services, Web Development Services, Groupon Website, Auction Website, Ecommerce, SMS Blast, Internet Marketing, SEO, Online Advertising and etc. Call +603-62099903 Now!

Website Design

At Egenz.com, our core strength is website design and web application development. We help clients setup their Online Business and provide consultation.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Being listed in Google 1st Page is very important to all the business. We will help you to generate more leads to your website.

SMS Marketing

At Egenz.com, we provide Online SMS Marketing Application for you to send SMS to a huge contacts with just a single click.


Generate higher exposure rate via online advertising. You may decide setting up a small budget daily.

Our Guide

GST Malaysia Ecommerce

Malaysia government has implemented the GST Tax with tax rate 6%, effective from 1st April 2015. Are you running an ecommerce website or providing services online? GST was implemented and replaced the Sales Tax (10%) and Service Tax (6%).

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Ways to Improve Ecommerce

Everyday, we  are spending more time shopping via internet, and the numbers are growing daily.  In order to be success in selling online, is good if we follow the best practices, your site will convert more customers and generate a lot more profit.

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Bad Website Design Practices

There are many unspoken rules we need to follow when creating a great website. Some bad website design practices will make your website go to hell. If we understand what the bad practice is, it will enable us to create a great website and not making this mistake. Bad practice can chase your visitor away; some can decrease your ranking and cannot be found by search engine.

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How To Generate Higher Traffic To Your Website

Are you constantly struggle to bringing new visitors to your website? Is your website newly launched? Are you wondering how to get start your marketing to promote your online business? We will illustrate how to generate higher traffic to your website with some basic guide below.

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5 Content Generator Tools You Must Know

If you always need to prepare content for your business, i believe these tools will be able to generate some fresh idea for you to proceed in writing. We are listing 5 different content generator below, hope this will help you to generate different ideas in your content writing.

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Content Articles Idea

Content is important. This helps us to build a higher ranking in Search Engine. It also helps us to build the trust with our potential client. There are times we struggle to come out with the content. Now, we are suggesting you some ways to generate some new ideas for your content writing.

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Internet Marketing Trend 2015

Running an Internet Marketing now is getting more difficult compare to 10 years ago. Cost in maintaining it also much more higher compare to 10 years back. Main reason is because, the competitive is higher and it is still growing in daily basis. If you need to make your Internet Marketing works, then you need to make your marketing strategy stand up. We have write a basic guide for you to get started.

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Online Payment Gateway Malaysia Comparison Chart

Payment Gateway is a service provider that can authorize your credit card and online banking payment to you. If you are planning to selling online, payment gateway is what you need in your website. There are few in the market. We have listed below to show the comparison.  Before making the decision which payment gateway you choose, there’s few question that you need to ask yourself.

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How to Promote Your Website

Now you have your website launched, what is the next step? This is the time you start doing your marketing and promote your website and your business. When your website launched, basically, there’s nobody are aware of it. Read more

Prevent Brute Force Attack WordPress

Brute Force Attack, are a way hackers used to keep trying to login to the admin panel by guessing the username and password. If you do not have a strong password, it will be easily guessed by hackers, for them to login to your admin panel. Do not use the “admin” or “administrator” as the username.

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Our Clientelle

  • TheFaceShop.net.my - Web Development
  • VictoriaStation.com.my - Website Design
  • HolidayVilla.com.my - Groupon Website
  • Etude.com.my - Website Design